Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camwhoring is FREEEEEEE

I am like every other typical girl. I l♥ve CAM WH♥RING T♥♥!  LOL!
*whisper*  psss.... dont know if you notice that, but webcam always produce sibei chio picture one ! ^^

Oh ! and if yours doesnt produce nice pictures than go change a new one ! x) Or, you can try adjusting the gamma settings, brightness and even contrast !

& If you still cant get the woooilooksofkingchio  kind of picture than forget it. The problem lies with you! Go change ur face away. -_-
( If not, be contented ! )
my duper bringmehome/ imsuperfragile face[s]. LOL

Idontknowwhatswiththewebcamfevernowadays. Just SNAP IT and follow the trend YO !

A moment of avoiding reality with webcammy~ Now, back to reality ! Photos below taken with iphone 4 inner camera. Lousy max ! ): they flip the images after snapping, the colour sucks, the quality shits, overall CMI!

But im still posting it up! Lets face REALITY TGT ! MUAHAHAHA ! -.-
Nopes! Dont worry ! Im duper sober ! Its just that, IT BEEN QUITE AWHILE since i last sit on cabbie YEA? so gotta camwhore abit even though its dark and all cept in the expressway tunnel !  (had always been traveling with car eversince i got my licence last year yea? ^^ ) *Flip hair with show off face* LOL

 No more expressway ! No more BRIGHT LIGHTS ! Nvm, i still got road side orangey light ! :3 

*Screams* Nothing can stop the CAMWHORE FROM CAMWHORING !!! Cool uh ? i know.

*yawns* ( cover mouth )

Okay ! i tired already ! Goodnight earthing ! Love much ~~~

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