Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Pfffft ! Two hours ago, i tweeted about turning in early tonight.  An hour ago, i tweeted about being a loser max for not being able to sleep after tweeting gdnight! 

Rolled about an hour on bed with my iphone. Downloaded applications. ( Mostly junks )  C'mon, i bet all iphone users do the same! We would usually roll on bed with the phone and like, MASS DOWNLOAD applications. No reason why, just download! We can always delete them off later if we dont like it anymore? Yes la!

So anyway, i make myself milo and like am blogging now ! :3 Not taking much pictures lately ! So, i went to search for some old random photos ! Not sure if i have blogged them before though.

I got boring life can anot! Thats why no new picccctures can, can, CAN ?!  (pss..i kinda like my life now okay!)

This is like my fav hammy: fei fei. The one i kept telling you all, it turned from this white to like GRAY !
I seriously have no idea why though ! I seriously didnt know why she changed colour after awhile ! Oh! and she is like the only hammy i dare to hold it in my hand. This is call 缘分! & it was love at first sight with her !

v4 with the ladies ~~ Cannot rem why already ! Was it someone birthday or was it halloween ? hmm !

Than we all got kind of tipsy i guess? ( judging from amanda's face ) Still sober though ! Can pose and take pictures ! LOL~

 Burberry ! Cant remember what occasion already ! But i remember little sis was with me ! xD i think her boyfriend abandon'ed her that night to club with someone else! ^_^

oh and a photo of my without my make up with like 0.00001% of photoshop and eyelash extention ! :3
(psss.. you can rarely catch me without eyelash extention cause i would usually visit the shop approx.2 months 1 time! ) And like i have been on eyelash extention for 2 years already ! ):

Kinda sad because i cant stick on falsies like every other normal girl ! Cause my eyelids kind of sensitive and they would usually swollen and peel + bleed if i use glue on them. ): sad uh !

Okay ! in case you miss my make up and photoshopped face ! Here you go ! LOL.

Will be blogging about new products from T.s.s  soon ! :) Shall go enjoy my milo now.
Not forgetting to say i love deedee and i hope he recovers soon.


StefanieRoxy said...

LOL! Ure hammie so so damn cute!

Anonymous said...

babe i think your hamster is the winter white one! they change to white color once every year! can try googling it!

TardyQueen said...

O.O no ! not change to white ! is WHITE CHANGE TO GRAY !!! T_T and never change to white anymore !