Wednesday, March 30, 2011

K suitez

Cyn bb suggested meeting yesterday cause she say she very shuai and wana be my bf for the day. D:

So, i fulfiled her wish. :x Called Sher dd to see if she wana join since we are all primary school friends ! x) And she agreed ! Woooooo ~ Than we decided to head to k Suitez instead of pubbing because Bb got to work tml and we dont want her to end up a drunkard teacher. LOL.

Yes! My bb is a teacher ! :) Ready for handsome? Yes ?

I think right, she is the one and only female i know that can bring out the sexy'ness with short hair ! Damn hot please. Bb ! Are you reading this ? ARE YOU ? Ask me be ur girlfriend ley! I WAIT VERY LONG ALREADY LEY ! Ever since like primary 5 !  We is Love at first sight one what !!! Why didnt we end up together ? -shy-

& she really came over to my house and fetch me. This one-day bf Gentlemen enough not !? NO? She waited more than 30 mins for me to finish my make up, get dressed, update my blog than head out together. Confirm more gentlemen that the guys please !!! 

You guys only know how to make noise when we ( girls ) prepare slow ! DONT SAY DONT HAVE ! This is like so god-damn-true !

Than like, she so cute la. Keep pester to take picturesssssssss ! Cause she say her hair style till very nice. -_-

BB : Eh kel, take picture ley !
Me : Wait wait ! i update blog first.
BB : later my hair drop than not nice already !
Me : okok! soon ! i finishing !
BB : I go ask ur mummy take photo with me can anot?
Me : ............. ok.  (speechless)

I really dont wana post this picture one ! Cause i think my 黑眼圈 very deeeeep and uglyyyyy and whatever ! i just dont like this photo ! But than, this is the only photo i have that got dd's face inside. D:  Bobianzxzx sial ! LOL~

The Bluey drink is what i ordered for Bb. LOL! CONFIRM NOT NICE TO DRINK ! the alcohol content is like WOOOO ! lol! Than she scold me ! LOL. 

The lychee one is mine but also 没有好到那里 please? -_- their alcohol like free only ! EEEEKS !

Than a table FULLLLL of foooooooooood ! :3 And thanks dd for the raw beef. ( no one eats beef other than me :x )  LOL! Not cheap kkkk ! that less than 20 small piece of raw beef cost like $20 ? D:

:x LOL! Her chinese sucks please ! LOLOLOL

 CHRISTOPHER SIM keep spamming my phone and my video keep kana cut offfffffff !

Attemped to sing this time. :D And the same thing happened. D:

And lastly this is Dd singing. :D

Now, imma prepare and REBEL HERE I COME ! ^.^ 


Anonymous said...

sin: aiya, handsome la of cos! haa!! you forgot to write your dd touched my boobs!

Anonymous said...

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