Friday, March 4, 2011

Spoon Feeding does not equates to Helping

Utterly disappointed and burning in the head now and i really need this space for ranting.

You really dont know how your words hurts. Every word is heart piercing and that particular sentence is killing. And i bet you a thousand million bucks, you dont even know what and where on earth goes wrong.

" You never even wanted to help. "

Yes baby, i didnt want to help but i went from website to website to search and saved the link down while you are sleeping soundly in bed.

Yes my dearest, i didnt want to help but i pulled myself up from bed when you say:" Can you help me check this and this and that ".

Yes my beloved, i SO didnt want to help but i mass spam calls for YOU and called on behalf of you.

Yes my sweety, I SO SO cant be bothered that i actually DOES ALL THIS JUST FOR YOU and you casually said :" You never even wanted to help ."

& everytime i helped, did i even get the most minimal appreciation? No. Theres not even a Thankyou. It is always :" AIYA, nvm I THINK I OWNSELF FIND ". Why ? BECAUSE YOU ARE BUSY WITH YOUR FKING GAME YOU CANT BE BOTHERED TO WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT.

( oh ! YOU OWNSELF FIND? than what now? IM a stupid kaypo that WENT to search for the things you want just because you CASUALLY MENTIONED them ? )

Do you know how much that sentence hurts? I bet you dont. Let me tell you, Its killiing me. It is totally as good as telling me : " STFU, YOU DONT EVEN CARE SO WHY ARE YOU EVEN TALKING TO ME".

I can help you but why am i spoon feeding you ? I got you the link, i helped you far enough. If i even help you to submit than im spoon feeding you. WHY SHOULD I WHEN YOU DONT EVEN BOTHER HELPING YOURSELF?

I dont even know why I EVEN BOTHER. In case you dont know, there is a limit to HELP. Unless you tell me you are SO WEAK, you wana be SPOON FEEDED with everything THAN FINE, i will spoon feed you !

you speak without even using ur brain. Words doesnt take a tour in ur brain before you fart them out ? NO ? i knew it. No wonder your words STINK ! GO BRUSH UR TEETH AND WASH YOUR MOUTH !

Really am losing it. The patience. The tolerance. The faith.

Fk u k ! _|_ bye.

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