Friday, April 22, 2011

Cuskin Private Event

Wonder if you all remembers? A Big Thank you for ur support ( ur "likes") on Cuskin facebook page on my photo cause i won the 2nd runner up. ( Even though its not the 1st prize la! )

Fyi : First prize is IPAD LEY !! T.T

Here's a group photo i "koped" from CUskin Facebook page. :x ( I very easy spot one! )

Thank you Wendy for being such a good host that day and also the detailed explanation on the products and the demo given on how to use them. (:

Oops! Not very nice to post individual shot of other people without their consent eh !

My $300 worth of products. ( 2nd prize )

Fyi : i choosed them myself. x)  Ya !! 3 bottles for $300. Expensive much ! But worth the $$ !

This is the B.B im currently using now! Madly in love with it ! (: Gives a light shade of pink after application !

Seriously, i realllly love CUskin b.b cream compared to the others ! ( trust me, i tried quite a number of them alr.)
Oh ! Not forgetting the light rose scent. x)

 k ! I finally updated on CUskin private event ! Phew ~ D: And yes . No pictures cause no camwhoring. O.O Cause the event is like early in the morning till early noon and like at BukitBatok. 

But heres a picture i love ! :x Got Korean Feel leyyyyyyyyy ~  Dont have ? HAVE LA! You try stare at it for like 2 mins. Confirm got ! LOL.

Ciaos! (:

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