Friday, April 8, 2011

Glenlivet @ Shanghai dolly

Woo, its beeeeen long since i last do promo job. :x What to do ?

 Like, im L and A than Z plus Y !

So right, whenever i have jobs or events right. I would push it away or intro friends than earn a lil commission :x I know right! Im smart . -shy- 

So, yesterday because my XiaoStella asked. ( I give face hor ! ) So i went . x)  Xiao Stella, ARE YOU READING THIS? If so, be honoured! LOL! *winks*

Reached, changed into the "mermaid" kind of uniform. LOL! Than camwhore abit before start work :x

On the left, you can see my partner for the day : Tracy ! x)

She like the old bird there but right she keep missing one ! Than like her missing is really cannot be found kind! Tsk! Like seriously, she knows every hiding corner ! :x


Eh no ! Dont right click, "save" on ur com than flip it straight kkkkkk ! LOL! cause if you does so, NOT CHIO ALREADY ! Serious !  ( Now that i said so, you all confirm cb one tio bo ! ) *rolllll eyes*  mehhhhhh !

Anyway, yesterday promo quite relax one uh. x) So, still nt that bad.
Than right, knowing (L)'s gona fetch me from work makes the time go even faster and my day even beautiful'ER. ( shut up! i dont need you to tell me there is no such word ) *rolleye*

OFFWORK LOH! camwhore abit more after changing x)
The typical singaporean "peace" sign ! x)

Than like, i wana take picture with (L) but right i always cannot find a good timing ley !! whatever ~

Hey (L) ! are you reading this? I just wana say thank you for showering me with your love ! Tolerating my nonsense and spamming me with ur concern.  -shy-

Okay ! i wan go do Fyp already ! ):

p/s- Next up : Cuskin private event and Sun play super block adv. )): RAHHH! i need 48 hours aday ! ):
p/p/s- So sad! You know right , nuffnang got the "community" and referral thingy right ! than i randomly hopped around and i actually saw some bloggers copying the way i blog and etc. D: eeeeeeeeee.


Anonymous said...

You are pretty hot and sexy. :)

TardyQueen said...

Thank you ! X)