Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Someday, Its otherwise.

Ups, Down, Left , Right, Center. Fight, Quarrel, Scream, Shout, Love, Hate .
But still the one that really stays. (:

Its easy to find many many friends, many many girlfriends, many many buddies, many many besties but its never easy finding one that share the common interest as you, that thinks like you, that partys like you, that doesnt mind sharing with you.

For dd, WE LOVE GAMBLING !! LOL!! Okay ! thats beside the point ! x)  But the very first time i went on a cruise to gamble and won about $1k with just $30 bucks, she was with me.  Yes! Just me and her, we disappeared for the whole day. LOL.

* The goood old days ~ *
So, ytd i pulled her along to a shoot with Anson. x)

And she sibei steady ! SHE JUST SAY OKAY ! x) nice uh ! HEHEHEHEH! 

The best companion is when you are out with someone you can talk about almost everything and when she understands you inside out .

Not forgetting to camwhore with my iphone 4 ! x)
I tweetpic'ed this ytd ! x) Today, chio'er. LOL.

Not forgetting the good food at st.james aftermath! X) HER TREAT!!!

incase you dont know, theres LOK LOK at st.james ! x) Just not as nice as jb one nia ! HEHS~
Okay! imma go bath and prepare already ! ^.^ School's reopening on fri ! MUST ENJOY THE REST OF THE HOLIDAY NOW UH !!!

p/s-  I know im suppose to blog about cuskin private event! BUT I LAZY LEY ! THAT ONE NOT SO INTERESTING LEY ! ;x

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