Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Clearing the spider webs.

Super duper busy recently ehs ! ): School's a bitch though i havent been attending often.  *roll eyes*
Seriously dont know how to graduate if i carry on skipping classes like this .

But than again, who likes school ? NOT ME. ):

So anyway, some due'd photos from my digi.  Amanda's 22nd Birthday Buffet dinner at  idontremwhich restaurant. I got seriously weak memory BUT i get to live longer ! like the saying goes, forgetful people tends to live longer because they forget things therefore, they live happier !

And obviously the "things" here refers to lousy things that happened.

My self made icekachang !!!! :x I KNOW RIGHT ! keep the comments to urself! t(-.-t) neh!

This is Bb. ( babybrother ) on Alex's 21st birthday. (:

Oh and im helping one of my girlfriend to sell her prelove ! 

Canon Ixus 100is  

 Still in absolute good condition. (:  With casing, Extended Harvey Norman Warranty. Mmc 8gb . Box. Wires. Everything included.

She bought it for $5xx and now letting go only at $200/nett !!

If you are looking for a good digital camera and having a tight budget, you can consider this ! :D

For more enquiries or question or negotiation , you can email her at : 

Okay ! Thats all !  But before i go, this is my blog for a reason. So, heres my face! (: LOL!

Ciaos ! (:

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