Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Goodbye forever.
Because big head daddy, you will always be kept in the left side of my chest where the heart beats.

My all-time favourite deedee passed away on 9 may 2011. A million sincere thanks for people that came down to pay their last respect.

Nt the ah ma on top :x The yandao below.

Check out my dad's merc ! No wiper no side mirror one ! :x But got season parking coupon that last till 2012 nia!

The big house with 1 silver moutain and 1 gold moutain !
Me: Momo, the two big alien thing beside the house is what ?
Momo: Gold and silver mountain la ! if your daddy no money can ownself go take and pawn.
Me: O_O open air one ? like that other people will take leys!
This one is credit card. :3 High class already now. :x

Eh! this live band that got no singer cost $900 bucks and only plays for 30 mins kk ! O_O
Money sibei easy earn nowadays uh.

Too bad the kids doesnt have a say, bo i confirm ask them pack they bags give them 100 bucks already buay pai liaos ( not bad already ).

I sing also nicer please. :x

Deedee soon turned all into ashes.  

So, whats life? A well-built man turning into ashes and filling up a jade bottle than secure behind some cement?

I regreted not loving this man more, not showering more of my love, not giving my 100%.

I feel sorry for myself for not being able to hold this hand once more. He meant the world to me. The only man i truly love. The only support that never leaves. My one and only.

p/s: all pictures above credited to cathy

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