Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adonis Best Beauty Finalist

Pika ! im back from my short trip yo ! will get it updated sooney. In case you havent already know, im in to the top 10 finalist for Adonis Best Beauty Finalist. *wave presidential hand* Okay, maybe you can smack my head for that. -.-

Whats Adonis Best Beauty Finalist ?
It is actually a new category in SBA ( Singapore Blog Award ) 2011 sponsored by ADONIS.

A million thanks to Adonis for the sponsored category because I GOT INTO THE FINALIST ! So wana *wave presidential hand* again BUT i dont wana get smack on my head ! :P

So the first gathering/briefing for all finalist was on 6/06 ( monday ) at 7pm. As usual i was late but glad to say im not the last to reach ! ( wooo! )

Not much pictures because it was kinda of rush for me that day. ): But i promise i will bring in more for the rest of the experience with Adonis. (:

Consultants at Adonis is really very very friendly and very super ultra patient. :)

A total of 3 consultation as a start to with. Adonis not only targets to bring you the best on the outside but also the inside.

What exactly do i mean ? 
 Adonis would only suggest/plan/advise on services according to your body needs!

My first station was Blood test ! Followed by Skin analysis and lastly Iris test.

Blood test is not as scary as it seems to be though my little pinky has to be pricked to get a drop of blood.

To be frank, im pretty amazed by how this simple many many "O" shapes can tell.

These many many "O"s is actually my red blood cells and it clearly shows that im not healthy ! ):
Because, healthy red blood cells are supposed to be in nice "O" shapes and seperated from each other. 

Distorted "O" shapes are caused by panadols, antibiotic and medicine.

Having said so much, do you feel something? No mehs? Got la ! You never feel i more knowledgeable suddenly meh? :x *laughs*

Not enough ? Okay  ! How about, you scroll up and check out those tiny individual crystals everywhere?
This is a sign of NOT ENOUGH CALCIUM ! That explain why my joints hurts at times.

Incredible, just one blood test and i learned so much ! Thats not all! The consultant would also share with you methods to improve your health.

Like eating less red meat, more vegetables etc ..

Different kind of teas available at the outlet. All with light sweet scent and taste superb ! *thumbs up*

 detailed explanation by consultant to clear our doubts . (:

And of course, i didnt go home empty handed! :) Heres Koso Aloe Pine Pollen for me .

I will update on its effectiveness on the next post ! Stay tune ! *wink*

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