Friday, June 24, 2011


If you missed out my first post on Adonis beauty blog award 2011, click here ! :)
Cause if you havent already read the 1st entry, you probably wont know why i am holding this Koso & Aloe Pine Pollen in hand ! So go read it first !!

Meanwhile, I GOT GOOD NEWS TO SHARE ! Remember Adonis gave me a bottle of Koso & Aloe Pine Pollen ? It is to help with getting rid of the toxics inside my body.

I tell you ! i confirm need to purifying my body from within and Adonis knows best ! Just by looking at my eye balls inner circle, they know i havent been shitting regularly and also frequently having constipation! Amazing seriously !!

As you all can see, i am very very skinny and i am like one of those girls that you hate because i dont gain fats/weight easily. Therefore, i am always eating junk food and thus, my disgestive system is crappy. ):

How crappy ? My stomach grinds in the middle of the night and sometimes it lasts for the whole night. ( seriously disturbing my sleep badly ) I have constipation often and like i only defecate maybe 3 days 1 time ? or sometimes 4 days ? ( unbelievable ? i know ! BUT IT IS THE TRUTH ! )

Now !  Koso & Aloe Pine Pollen make a change to my life.  *grins* Thanks to Adonis again.
Now, let the pictures do the talking.
( in case you get bored about the information i wana give, i drew on it :x )

Available at all Adonis Outlet and at a super affordable price !

The formula balances the Yin & Yang elements of our body

The benefits of purifying your colon ?

After 2 days : Increase defecation, Lighter color stools

After 1 week : Skin problems such as skin dullness, and pimples begin to improve, improve sleeping pattern, fresher breath

It has been weeks since i started consuming KOSO の ALOE PINE POLLEN. I have to say the result is really more than just amazing. You do not get a constant effect after consuming the vegicapsules, they takes about a day or 2 to start working and my defecation really increased from once every 3 - 4 days to every day at least ONCE !!! 

My skin has amazingly seems a little bright and pimples on my forehead decreased !! I sleep at regular timing and MUMMY NO LONGER COMPLAINS I GOT BAD BREATH !!

*happy max !!! *
Thank you Adonis for its amazing product !

After 3-6 months : Bowel movement normalised.

I have not reached my 3 months of consuming yet but i believe in Adonis and i have faith in the product they introduced to me. :)

Adonis Facebook page shares little tips to the secret of beauty, promotions to their facial and many more ! Do like them on their facebook so you could check them up regulary !

Always remember : Theres no ugly girls ONLY lazy girls ! *winks ! *

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Anonymous said...

hi, may I know how much is the thing and do u know where can I get it from??/

Anonymous said...

Hi,may i know ur height and weight, i am very skinny like you also, my height is 162cm and weigh 39kg only and no matter how much i eat, i also cant gain weight, you mentioned you were sick when young?TIA.

TardyQueen said...

Hi honeys :)

Its from adonis ! Visit any adonis outlet and they will service you well. =D

TardyQueen said...

Hi tia ! :) Im 162 cm and 36.5 kg ! XD Yea! no matter how i eat, i remains like this ! High metabolism rate yea ? X)

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

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