Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cheers Challenge Championship 2011

Pictures all credited to : Omy Janet

Yes ! The Cheers Challenge Championship ! :)

I WENT but i never win ! LOL! :( ehs ! i practice at home can reach 8k + 9k leys ! ( lousiest also got 6k lor ) But the com like a damn lousy there! lag like a damn much ! You move the mouse and the cursor no move one ! tsk ~ PURPOSELY ! hmmpfs ! ( LOL )

Was duper late (again). But i made it in time for my turn to play. :D
WHAT ! people overslept than no time to make up whattttt ~ LOL. ):

In cause you wana know, i was late for 2 hours. -_-  Now, the pictures speaks a thousand words! :)

Contestant coming from all over the world . Only for 1 motive : TO WIN THE TRIP !!

Dj hosting. :)

The rest of the bloggers !

The score board. LOL! notice my name is the last one !!! with 0000 score.
cause right, i was late right than i guess i missed the briefing. -_- than i dont know cannot reset game. So when i ended, i auto click replay ? LOL!! -_-


This is Yongwei. 1ST !! with 7k + score ! woooooo ~

Followed by Desiree.

Than its Timothy in 3rd place.

This is Yongwei Vs with players all around the region !

After rounds of tough fight, the winner finally goes to MALAYSIA ! SOO JENN YEH with 10k points !

Congrats to him ! 5 DAYS 3 NIGHT HOLIDAY FOR 2 ! WOW. i jealous ! :( LOL.

Of course. Not forgetting 1k cash for top scorer opened to the public !!

Loves ~

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