Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ginvera Top 10 bloggers challenge ( Event )

14 june, i was invited to the Stage 2 of ginvera blogger contest.

Totally honoured because only 10 was picked from 100 bloggers ( if i never remember wrongly ) and im one of them ! *Grins*

Not forgetting, Stella and Baobao was into the final too ! =D Happy much to have bloggers friend attending event together with me ! Not lonely ~ can gossip ~ can laugh at people ~ can joke ~ can giggles and most importantly, CAMWHORE ! :x

Pictures below credited to Ginvera photographer / Baobao's & her Dslr  / my iphone and lousy digital camera :x

Email that was send to me together with the invitation image. =D

The event was held at National Museum ; Novus Restaurant Bar.

Along the walk way you have Michelle Chia standing poster  :)
Nicely laid tables waiting for us. ( YaYa ! i not early so this picture not i take one !)

 Bloggers sitting down.

I came late, sit down and started camwhoring !!!  :x And yes , i brought Sheryl along to the event. :D
photos taken by my iphone.

With Stella  =D 

My contact lens : Water Fairy Violet while Stella's wearing : Water Fairy Brown
A range of Ginvera's product for us to try out. :)

High tea was served in between talks and demostrations.

Oh ! I forget to mention that the top 10 bloggers have to do a presentation on Ginvera's new product.
And you can see me explaining my slides below. - malu max -

Though i have been doing presentation every in school but the though of facing more than 40 foreign faces and explaining my slides was scary please !


Dont look at my naked face on the screen la ! ): I know where i stand kkkkk ! ( BOO!)

Presentation by another blogger

30 bloggers was invited down as judges for our presentation and top 3 winners as shown below
Their presentation was AWESOME ! :)

Groups photo was taken before the event come to an end.
Sher, Me, Stella, Baobao, Serene

Was playing with the colour and contrast while editing the photos. Look what i've got ! :x
I think this version mad chio cause cannot see my face clearly ! LOL .

Of course not heading home empty headed yea ? ^.^

Thank you Ginvera Once again !

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