Thursday, June 2, 2011

sweetness now comes in bite size pieces

 @};-;--------  Every stalk of them speaks a zillion words. A million unspoken sentence. A thousand thoughts.

Fatty stood outside my house with this and won my heart back with his heart. ( not this bouquet of flowers hor ! tsk tsk )
He would walk a mile in xchange for my smile.

 Swarovski gift ! :3

A crystalline lady ballpoint pen that contain 160 crystals and the dangling heart charm also gt crystal !! But only 1 side and when i take, it actually flipped to the non-crystal side! BOO! ( fatty if you are reading this, i did my research ! On the price too ! :P LOL!  )

Thank you for your tolerance. Your unlimited love, care and concern.

p/s - No photos of me cause daddy just passed away. No camwhoring for the time being.
p/p/s - i just wana keep my blog going and show my apprecation. (:

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