Monday, June 27, 2011

Waterfront Feast @ Riverside point !

"Let the Feast Begin!” a mega gastronomic bonanza organized by Icon Village, Riverside Point and Far East Square, and brought to you by!

Thanks to Omy, i was invited to my first food feast. :) It is something like a food marathon ! Cause we just kept eating and drinking and eating and drinking. Not to forget, all the served food were awesome !
if you are on my facebook or following me on twitter you would have already know where i went because i am constantly checking in on foursquare and twitting about the food. HAH ! Now those who havent already followed me on twitter ! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? *winks*

Now you may scroll down and look at those mouth water photos and curse me if you havent ate anything before reading this post. ( you would probably be more hungry ! )

 My first stop was @ JUMBO SEAFOOD ! #01-01/#01-02

The Singapore home grown seafood restaurant group was established in 1987 and after years of continuous effort in providing quality food and service

Sampling dish : Chilli Crab & Salted Egg Golden Prawns

The ambience at Jumbo is awesome for a dine out gathering together with ur family and friends!

Met Desiree there! :) Super love her please! We clicked like missing jigsaw puzzel ! Chatbox non-stop! LOL
Flowers decorations on the table.
Nicely folded napkins
Me in Jumbo apron ! ( whatever it is called ) Apron super cute must camwhore right ! Than Desiree asked me to help her take a picture so i was telling her how good my self shot is than the photo turned out like that ! -_- jitao is paisey one loh !

Back to Jumbo, so sweet and considerate right! They scared we dirty ourself while indulging in the crabs and prawn so everyone was given one ! =D

 Hot tea and drink of your choice was served ! :) Mine is honeydew ice!

 Not forgetting the man behind all the delicious food ; THE CHEF !!!
 & a group shot with the 7 of us ! The others are sitting at the other table. :3
Free member card were given to us ! HOW NICE CAN JUMBO BE ! And we can actually choose the name we wana put on the card ! x) Mine's Kayelly Vanille  ! Hiaks!

I wanted to put TardyQueen but like too short ! & if i put Kayelly Vanille TardyQueen like too long uh ! LOL.
 And of course im not going home empty handed ! :) Vouchers, DIY crab sauce ! WOOOO!

How can i not love JUMBO ?
 Specially for me !! *grins!*

 Second Stop @ Cafe Iguana ! #01-03

Cafe Iguana, one of Singapore's favourite Mexican restaurants and bars. Opened in July 2000.
Cafe Iguana features one of Asia's largerst selections of tequilas - Over 1000 labels of 100% blue agave El Charro Resposado and real fruit juices and purees.

Sampling dish and drinks : Red Snapper Enchiladas & Oro Azul Anejo Margarita

House-made tortillas surround ancho-chili coated fish, topped with tomatillo sauce and melted cheese and served with Mexican rice ! 

 Oro Azul Anejo Margarita

 Third Stop @ Harry's Bar #01-04

Harry's is one of the leading operators of premium bars in Singapore with a focus on brand leadership, brand building and excellence in customer service and total offer.

Harry’s is definitely the bar to be in whether it’s to unwind after a day’s work, catch live sports, hang out with a few friends or just for an enjoyable night out!

The ambience is soothing and ultra comfortable !
Mini fish and chip ! :) MAD LOVE IT ! Crispy on the outside, soft and sweet in the inside !

 Last Stop @ BREWERKZ #01-05/06

Singapore's award-winning microbrewery restaurant, Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery was founded in 1997. The iconic full-service restautant feratures high quality American-style food and a full range of premium beers handcrafter on-site.

Table set up for us. :)

Brewerkz Riverside Point can accommodate large party bookings! Reservation are strongly recommended so be sure to reserve online at or call them 64387438 ! =D

Sampling dish and drinks : Buffalo Wings and Beer !

3 different kind of Buffalo wings !

Mild, Hot and SUICIDE !! The wings are mad delicious ! Even up till the suicide, IT STILL TASTE AWESOME !!!

OH ! and they have like super cool beers with names like Scholar Red beer , Kolsch, Steam beer !


By the way, im missing the wings like a damn much seriously !! ITS A MUST TRY ! SUPERB NICE !

Riverside point nearest mrt station : Clarkquay

A waterfront dining venue by the beautiful historic Singapore River, Riverside Point will tantalise patrons with popular and unique restaurants like Brewerkz, Harry’s Bar, Jumbo Seafood @ Riverside, Chen Fu Ji Sing Flagship Branch and Café Iguana.

Bring your girlfriend down for a romantic dinner by the riverside, date your friends out for a chill at the riverside bars. They will never disappoint you ! :)

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