Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adonis NanoMist Face Hydration Spa

WOOO ! 3 weeks have passed like a OH-SO-FAST and i have come to my 3rd and also last treatment with Adonis last saturday :(  Awww ! Will definitely miss them much !

Changed my supposed to be facial theraphy on friday to saturday because school's a bitch. *phew*
So thankful that Adonis is mad flexible with it ! They even rang me up to confirm my facial timing and when they knew i could not make it, they immediately changed for me ! *aww* (almost melting) ^~^y

Having my Nanomist face hydrating spa and the hydrating therapy actually help quench my tired and dehydrated skin with an intersive moisture surge.

As usual, welcomed with a cup of nice warm tea while the beautician prepares the nice soothing room for me. So while waiting, snap, snap, snap & snap ! :D

They does nails service behind this door ! (:

Their Gss promotion

FEEDBACK FORM ! They value you, you and YOU ! =D

The prepared Room. ( oops! too excited my hand's shakey ! =x )
For me to get changed !! so sweet ! Still got comb etc .. =D


Soaking my leg and singing ~ " ahhh~ what a wonderful life ~~~~ "

Getting all comfortable for cleansing & cleaning ! :D

Soft peeling gel to ensure all dead skin's removed !
As usual comodone to be applied on my T-zone to help with removal of blackheads.

 Adonis always ensure they are working on a clean face ! *wink*

Previously, i mentioned about them using the cold mist to help firming of skin.

I CAPTURED IT THAT DAY !! x) After my beautician left the room, i reached out for my digital camera beside my bed and TADAH !!!  =D

* i got cramped face therefore thus, got cartoon expression *

Than a nano-mist loaded with Hyaluronic Acid is sprayed onto my skin, allowing it to bounce back to its original firmness and density while improving moisture retention signitficantly.

This 2 blue thingy is known as magnectic ice ball !

Nanomist face hydration spa is actually meant to help me improve my dry and dull skin.
The face hyrdation spa last for 1 hour 15 mins. =D

The magnectic ice balls expels negativity for maximum hydrating effect.

Lastly, i had the pearl mask spread evenly on my face to look like The Mask ( chinese version ) =x

Okay! jokes aside. The mask is good for whitening and also detoxcifying.
Feel comfortable on the skin and leaves a cooling sensation.

While waiting the mask to dry, my beautician did a shoulder neck massage for me ! Wooo! mad relaxing.

OH! did i mention the beautician is mad sweet? She also help me trim my brows when she cleanse my face cause she say abit grassy already. -shy- LOL!

Thankyou Adonis once again.

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