Thursday, July 21, 2011

OMY Bridesmaid Preview

Yes ! Thank you for the invite to catch Bridesmaids preview.

Was not really late! * applause * We reached at 9:35 plus minus ? The show started at about 9.45 i think and ended 11:30 if i never remember wrongly.

Movie partner of the day : Fatty Love ! ( LOL!)

Fatty scared he cant see the show clearly so he wore his spects out ! looooooook so kuku. :x

Out in CINEMA JULY 21st

Im not kidding but IT IS A MUST TO WATCH ! Fatty and i just kept laughing throughout the show ! Mad hilarious ! Super entertaining. Storyline is not boring either although the trailer is not as attractive. #nojoke!

The theatre was filled with laughter from the start of the show till the end of the show.

The movie is about Annie; a girl that was experiencing the worse in her of life. Everything was not going smoothly for her, her bakery shop closed, she has very low self esteem, no boyfriend, only sex partners, fired from her job, chased out of her apartment, ruin her best friend party etc .

A show not to be missed ! Rating: M18 - sexual scenes and coarse languge

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