Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Parts & Parcel of life

 Instead of all the typical advertorials and reviews ; just a lil update of my life .

As usual, school's a bitch with never ending work. Thank god i am soon having my short study break  ( Yea! a week ONLY ! but better than nothing uh ! ) than exams and finally a month of holiday before working hard for the my last sem and hopefully smoothly graduate next year. -.-"

 Hokay! Just some random pictures before i end. :)
Late night supper with Jaslin at goldenmile the other night.
女大十八变ah ! 这女人怎么越变越美?!

*piak* 大头贴一张

Lehbit for fatty to hug when im not around. :3

Lehbit too cute must camwhore abit! :3

 Went on a date USS with fatty!

Preview picture for USS !
" i wish you knew " was the wording printed on fatty's t-shirt ! lololol~ the very chio lightning and photo is taken and processed by me with the help of wonderful photoshop plus tips from Xiaxue at one of the nuffnang talk.

Got the old old feeeeeling right ! LOLOLOL ~

Okay ! Back to school work ! Ciaos !

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dblchin (double chin) said...

I MISS YOU!!!! I miss you I miss you I miss you!

I'm glad to met you in the Adonis Beauty blog contest, u r sucha darlingggggggggggg