Monday, November 21, 2011


Its a special date.

Today's daddy birthday(according to the chinese date). The actual one if he is still alive would be on the 26th instead of the 21st. 

Every year on his birthday (without fail), i would get him a shirt. It might not be the best or most expensive shirt on earth but it will never fail to bring a smile on his face and he would never fail to pretend that he is unpleased with me spending money and he would never wear them till new year!!

When dee's still around, i always makes him angry while he try to give me his best. I drove his precious car out without his permission even before i had my licence. From a beautiful car to a highly damaged car after i drove it. The injuries on the car's mad awesome! I scratched it accidentally against the wall , i banged onto pillar, i reversed into vans and lorrys. Than when i had my licence, he went out by train and bus while i drove his car around. To school, to play and sometimes i dont even come home for a few days.

How horrible can i be? I was still throwing a tantrum at him while he was already all sick and sad. And i only realise how forturnate it is to have a dad like him after he is gone.

He is always there for me. Always holding my hand and guiding me along. Always protecting me and always wanting the best for me.

Happy birthday Daddy !
you are the most awesome dad ever. And i still wana be your child next life.

And today is also my 8th month with fatty.

When fatty's around; everything i want was within reach.
Because if it takes 100 steps for us to be together, i would only have to take the first step and he would take the other 99 steps.

He was there when i had my major heartbreak back in feb when daddy was diagnose with cancer. He never left when daddy were admitted to hospital. He accompanied me day and night. He flew down to be by me when daddy passed away and kept himself awake thru the wake.

He would push me around in ntuc when we shop for groceries. He would hold my hand tightly on streets. He was proud of me and proud to be with me. But human, we are never satisfied. Despite his greatness, i always grumbles, i always nag, i always throw my temper around.

But even so, he never gave up on me. He always believe and trust me. While i have like absolutely 0 trust in him. No, not because i dont love him but because he was too good to be true. Even though he is extremely idiotic and superb irritating at times, fatty really brought joy to my life. He was there thru my ups and down. He never left even though i chase him away.

He was with me on my important day. (21st this year).

Honestly, we were even closer than my 2 years ex bf. I could wake him up at midnight and pillow talk with him (my favourite hobby is to not let him sleep). I could share everything with him. And than he slowly became part of me and is now known as my everything.

Happy/Sad? 8th monthsary fatty!
please continue to love me and protect me like how you used to because if you dont...i will ~ *hiaks*


Miss dblchin said...

awwww cheer up my love! u still have a lot more to look forward in future! I'm sure ur daddy will be looking over you somewhere among the angels...

Anonymous said...

damn can use a cheeseburger or to..yo daddy lookin like the crackhead on sunset and highland here in hollywood and your man is a fobby ass pussy! =)