Monday, November 21, 2011

Passing cloud or not?

You are the ultimate decider of whether one get to stay in your life or whether they would end up being just another passing cloud.

Why do we always have to seek help, suggestions, opinions from other people on problems that concern us and not them? Because? They have been through what we are going through now and they know what is going to happen next? True? No one can forsee what is going to happen next or predict what will happen in future.

Yes, they are going to share with you their bad experience and tell you to make or not to make certain decisions. But than again, what happened to them might not be happening on you. What they fail to see is that - thats them! Not you! Just because they failed in something doesnt mean you are gona fail the same way they did.

Follow your heart. Not your head. Because truth is, its what you feel that matters most. Isnt it?

Many a times, it take extra lotsa courage to do what you ultimately decide on because the people around you would most probably object, disagree and disapprove. But than again, why should you let them affect your decision? Ultimately, the one that suffers, regret and feel hurt would be none other than yourself.  Do you want to live your life regretting over a decision that you make or giving up something that you were suppose to have? 

By than, when things happened and leave you no chances to change the decision you made. Would they be responsible for the advise they gave you? They wouldnt even have remembered what they have told you or knew how their advise have affected your life. Till than, you would have left with no one to blame other than yourself because you are your own ultimate decider for your own life.

Listen. It doesn't matter what other people think or say.
You got to believe in yourself. That's how people make it in life. Be who you wana be not what others want to see.

p/s- inspired by R

For the past few months, i havent got the mood for blogging. Thus, the little or almost no post.
Back than, i was all-rounded. Documenting from school to work to events to every lil parts of my life.

(bum!) i just scrolled down to see all the reviews, adverts, reviews and still reviews. (cept for a short update on my birthday)

Not kidding! im actually on my way to a video of how what you guys concerned about the most which is also my man-made dimple! But i havent found any video editing programme so i couldnt piece the video together. ( im a nerd btw )

p/s- im still nt used to speaking to my iphone yea? (LOL)

p/s - drafted another post and would be publishing it tomorrow. 21.11.11. (pss. its a special date)

Gif image cant be photoshopped. Now, you see the real me. :)

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