Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Awesome china app

MORNING! Im bored in class and guess what? HOLIDAY IS HERE!! ( okay, tml )

So anyway, people has been asking me about the china iphone app ( Im assuming its china app because its all in chinese :x  )  im using to edit my photos and i thought i would be mega nice to not only tell you the app but also tell you how to do the effects i always use. 

Love me please!  ( even tho, you are so gona find out how to do it if you spend sometime exploring the app ) 
*psss.. with me, its shortcut!*

LOL! did i just make myself sound like a damn wonderful ? pffffft ! bth.

Muahahah! So this is what the china app does for me! Lighter skin tones, red lips, ash green hair, chocolate eyes. Like a wee u weet ! =P

WHAT?! i know you wana see the original photo. WAITTTTTTTTTT!

So the awesome app, you can type " mei tu xiu xiu " in ur appstore, it would probably appear at the top of the page after you click the "search" button. ( cause its awesome )

So this is mine with " mei tu GIF " beside. ( The one i use to do/take my GIF pictures)

Tap on the application and than you will see this! ( the front page )

Tap on the red one. In case you dont understand chinese, it meant " beautify your photo " ( i hope i dont get it wrong )

than tap on the one i box'ed which meant " choose from photo album ".

Than obviously, it would lead you to your photo gallery and heres mine with all of my camwhore photos.
WHAT!!! i know! super self obsessed.

Click on your desire one.

So tadahhhhhh!  this is the original photo.

MEHHHHHHH! boring. brown, yellow, orange hair. Normal skin tone. Not niceeeee!
So anyway, after clicking on the photo. You will arrive at the this !
Tap on the " special effect " circle'ed in red.

than you will arrive at the special effect page with many many special effects you can choose from..
tap the one i circle from below..

than ...

than.... processinggg.......


Now, SAVE IT !

The orange one meant saving back to your photo album.

Okay. Now, say you love me more than usual and LETS ALL BE DOLLY LIKE TGT !!!! Muahahaaahahahahh!

Before i end, Domokun says hi ! ^__^

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